African Cats and Ice Cream Sundaes!

Our Destination!

Our Destination!

On May 15, Dad, Tabs, and I went to the El Capitan Theatre to see African Cats, a wonderful nature film about three animal families across the Savannah.  It was a true story about their love and rivalry.  Afterward, we went to the treat next door:  Disney’s Soda Fountain and Studio Store!  After choosing from all of the different selections, I ordered a Pin Trader’s Delight Sundae, which was two scoops of ice cream, chocolate fudge, marshmallow creme, whipped cream, Mickey Mouse confetti sprinkles, and a cherry.  I asked for Cookies & Cream and Butterfinger ice cream.   I liked the Cookies & Cream ice cream more than the Butterfinger ice cream.  The Butterfinger ice cream was gooey and caramel-y, but the Cookies & Cream actually tasted like Oreo cookies and milk.  It was so sweet and creamy!  The marshmallow creme was amazing, but super sticky!   By the time we left, I was full! 

Enjoying Our Ice Cream!

Enjoying Our Ice Cream!

Overall, I loved my mouth-watering dessert, and it came with a pin.  The pin was definitely a “trader” for me, meaning that I am going to trade it for a better pin at Disneyland!  The pin was a picture of Eeyore, who had just dropped his ice cream on to the floor.  Poor guy!

Tabitha also got the Pin Trader’s Delight Sundae … but with strawberry and chocolate ice cream instead.   She liked it, but she didn’t finish.  It was a full, tall dish, so my dad had to finish hers, because all he ordered was a root beer.

Before we left, we looked at the pin stand.  I have been pin trading since I was three years old, and I love it!  I am always looking for new pins, either to trade or to treasure.  I didn’t end up buying any, but I saw two that I really liked.  One of them was a new Pirates of the Caribbean pin with Captain Jack Sparrow on it.  (I am excited to see Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides!)  The second pin was a gold platform with a gold statue of Tinkerbell standing on it.  I liked it because it looked like an Oscar.  Maybe I can trade for them at Disneyland.

When it was time to go, we walked back to our car.  On the way, we saw people dressed as so many different characters:  Captain Jack, Barbie, Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, and some princesses.  One struck me as the coolest, most unique costume there:  Michael Jackson.  We didn’t stop to take pictures with them, but I waved and we went home. We had an awesome day!

The Soda Fountain!

The Soda Fountain!

El Capitan Theatre

6938 Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood, California 90028

Disney’s Soda Fountain and Studio Store

6834 Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood, California 90028

Tel:  323-817-1475

My Dreamworks Adventure!

On August 4, my amazing mom, my huggable sister, and I went to visit my cool Uncle Jack with my beautiful Aunt Suzy and her little baby.  Uncle Jack works at Dreamworks, doing the coolest job ever:  making the magic of animated movies.   I was visiting him at his work.  The first thing we did was have lunch at the Dreamworks cafeteria.  We sat right next to the cut-out for the new movie “Megamind”.  In this picture, I was thinking:  “What’s up with his giant head?”  

Me Looking at Megamind's Giant Head

I had a crunchy salad and yummy chicken tortilla soup for lunch.  In my salad, I had garlicky croutons, crispy cucumber, juicy tomatoes, salty pickles, black olives, and black balsamic vinaigrette.  When I was eating it, I could definitely taste the balsamic!  I guess I put on a little too much. 

After I ate my salad, I was still hungry.  I walked over to the steamy soup stand, and I noticed that there was hot chicken tortilla soup and vegetable soup.  I went with the chicken tortilla soup, because it looked much better, and Uncle Jack’s friend Josh suggested it.  At first, when Mom poured it, it didn’t have any tortilla chips, but you can add as many as you’d like.  There was a little bowl on the table full of chips.  I added a lot.  It was really tasty.  My favorite bites were the bites with chicken, tortilla chips, and broth.

After I ate that, I finally had my frozen dessert.  I got a mini-cone.  Then I walked over to the ice cream machines, and I got chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream.  You wouldn’t believe how high I filled it!  I filled the ice cream cone so high that when I was slurping it down, I was afraid it was going to fall on me.  After I ate that blend of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, I chugged down a half of a cup of a blue raspberry slurpee.  Brain freeze!   It was as cold as a winter in Wisconsin.   It was a great way to end my lunch.  Overall, the Dreamworks cafeteria got a “thumbs up” from me!

To end the whole Dreamworks adventure, Uncle Jack gave us a tour of the offices.  On the tour, we saw a castle office that was really cool, Academy Awards (Oscars!), and a bunch of advertisements for “Megamind.” 

Me and Kung Fu Panda!

I also took a picture next to a statue of “Kung Fu Panda.”   Did you know they are making a “Kung Fu Panda 2”? 

Another thing we saw was The Hidden Room.  There was a bookshelf against the wall, and on that bookshelf, there was a book that was facing you.  When you lifted the cover, you discovered a handle to a door.  When you pulled on the handle, the wall behind the bookshelf opened to the hidden room.  Now this was probably the most amazing part of the tour.  Inside of the hidden room was a bar and a living room.  It was really mysterious.

Inside the Mysterious Hidden Room

It was the best summer day ever!  Thanks to my Uncle Jack and Aunt Suzy for inviting us, and thanks to Josh for suggesting the tortilla soup!

Me and My Sister Tabitha Sitting By the Water at Dreamworks