A Chance on The Beach Reporter

One Month Down!Recently, I have been given the chance to write for the Beach Reporter, a free paper that covers the South Bay area. Once a month, I write an entry for the Dining Guide, and my first two have been on The Fish Shop, a new seafood restaurant on Pier Ave., and on Banzai Beach, a hole-in-the-wall teppanyaki grill in downtown Hermosa. Each month, I also write three short “bites” on restaurants to let my audience know how kid-friendly a restaurant is.

I really enjoy writing for a newspaper, and I thank the Beach Reporter for giving me a shot. Below is the link to my last article… Be sure to check the Reporter for more coming up!



Fried Lobster at FISHBAR–The Debut of the Classy Take on a Well-Known Dish

Fried Lobsters and Waffles!

Fried Lobsters and Waffles!

Our server smiled.  “I haven’t seen you in a while,” she greeted us.

“You are so popular now… We find lines here every night!” my mom replied. It’s true; FISHBAR is now a favorite in the South Bay. And it should be! Chef Jessica Jordan’s creative ideas for new dishes, drinks, and creations are always loved and flavorful.

I discussed this morning’s debut dish with Chef Jordan, and we talked about different ways to incorporate lobster into classic dishes and desserts. She’s inspirational and impressive, and I was so lucky to interview her a little while ago: http://www.southbayfood.com/?p=1725

October 26 was the debut of FISHBAR’S new “Fried Lobster and Waffles”. At first, I was reluctant to try this new dish, because I have never even had Roscoe’s Famous Chicken and Waffles. But I am glad I gave this a chance, because I was pleasantly surprised by this twist on a classic. Fresh, delectable lobster, enveloped in a light beer-batter, crowns a crisp, fluffy waffle. The huge chunks of lobster were best drizzled with Tabasco hot sauce and dipped in maple syrup.

I was extremely impressed with this dish, but who knows how long this will remain on the menu? So get it fast! This is a delicacy not to be looked over.