Oxnard Salsa Festival

After I walked a few steps at the Oxnard Salsa Festival this past Sunday, I saw a beautiful tent filled with shiny painted glass.  As I walked in, I saw a metal rack with some underwater painted glass pieces.  One of them, Tabitha’s favorite, was a beautiful mermaid with blonde hair and a dark green tail.  She was surrounded by the dark blue ocean and colorful fish.  The one next to it was the same, except for the mermaid had the same simple brown hair as my mom, although it was wavier.  On the table next to it, I saw a very pretty one on its own stand.  It said:  “Love, Laugh, Live.”  Right before the “L” in “Love” was a red rose.

On to the food!  We walked some more and came up to a salsa stand.  Everyone was huddling around it for free samples.  When I got my sample, the first thing I tasted was garlic!  That’s a good thing!  The salsa was amazingly spicy and chunky, but enough about that little sample.  I’m going to skip ahead a bit to tell you about the absolute best part, the salsa tasting tent.

Sign of the Delicious Salsa Tasting Tent We Entered

It was a huge white tent behind a little stand.  We walked up to the stand, bought our tortilla chips and our 10 tickets, and walked into the tent of tasting.  The tent was super busy!  Lots of people were bustling around, trying to get the salsa they wanted. 

These different kinds of salsa are sitting on trays for tasting.

This is the bottle of Bacon Hot Sauce we bought. Tempting!

One of the sauces we looked at, tasted, and bought was called Bacon Hot Sauce (bacon-flavored hot sauce).  I really liked it.  It had a unique taste.  A very unique taste!  I loved it, but Dad was unhappy about where the Bacon Hot Sauce table was.  He said:  “Nobody puts Bacon in the corner.”  He is very funny. 

We tried a lot of different kinds of salsa, but the winner was the Ghost Pepper Salsa.  (The Ghost Pepper is the spiciest pepper in the world, and that is why it was hard eating it.)  Although it put my lips and mouth on fire for about 4 minutes, it was a chunky, rich-flavored mixture of tomatoes, vegetables and herbs.
This is the sign of the spicy and delicious Ghost Pepper and Ghost Pepper Salsa.

It was surely my favorite, but if you went to the salsa festival, was it your favorite?  If you didn’t go this year, go next year, and try the Ghost Pepper Salsa.  But beware, this stuff is hot!

Oxnard Salsa Festival