The Sandwich Spot

The Sandwich Spot

Yesterday for lunch, my family went to The Sandwich Spot.  The Sandwich Spot is a chain sub shop with fresh ingredients.  There are 25 sandwiches that you can order, and you can add or take out ingredients.  The location of The Sandwich Spot that we went to was in Santa Monica, California, and it is owned by my friend Maddie’s dad, Jeff.

Blackboard Menu

Blackboard Menu

The 25 sandwich choices were numbered on a blackboard.  While I was thinking about which sandwich I wanted to order, I looked around the restaurant with interest. 

The back wall was covered in pictures of different people, which were labeled and looked like CD covers.  When I asked my dad who these people were and what the pictures were for, he said they were album covers of famous comedians.  He pointed out Eddie Murphy, Bob Newhart, and other comedians that he knew about.  Whoever decorated the inside of the restaurant must have been obsessed with comedy! The sandwiches were all named after comedians, but they did not have a sandwich named after my favorite comedian, Bobby Oschack!  There was also a sign on the drink counter about their Thursday “Comedy Night.”  Everything was about comedians!

Comedy Albums Everywhere!

Comedy Albums Everywhere!

After scanning the room, I was ready to order.  Pointing to number 13 on the blackboard, I asked our patient waitress:  “Can I have number 13, the Club Mitch, please?”  She replied:  “Of course!  Would you like everything included?”  Off to the side of the huge blackboard was a list of what “everything” meant:  mayo, mustard, secret sauce (which turned out to be a garlicky olive oil), lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, and sweet peppers.  “May I please have everything but mayo?”  I requested.  “OK.”  She walked behind the counter to tell the other employee.  “Would you like the San Francisco sourdough roll, the wheat roll, or the Dutch crunch roll?” she asked me, coming back out from behind the counter.  “Dutch crunch please!” I said.  She told me the sandwiches were huge, and even she could not finish them, so I should probably get a half-sandwich.  (I think she was wrong, because I could have eaten a whole sandwich.)  She asked the rest of my family the same questions, and my dad ordered the Candy Sandie (hot pastrami, roast beef, salami, and provolone).  My mom ordered the Samwich (salami, pepperjack cheese, and bomb sauce), and my mom ordered for Tabitha a bacon-only sandwich on the Dutch crunch roll, with tomatoes on the side.  Our waitress thought Tabitha’s choice was adorable!   After we ordered, we sat down and waited for our food.

The Candy Sandie!

The Candy Sandie!

Wait!  When I thought about it, I decided that I didn’t really want mustard.  I raced up to the counter.  “Have you made the Club Mitch yet?” I asked the employee who was busy putting together our sandwiches.  “Not yet,” she said.  Thank goodness, I thought.  I asked her not to put on mustard and she said, “OK.”  I sat back down at the table after picking up some raspberry iced tea.  Time flew by.  Lucky for us, the service was friendly and fast, and the employees were helpful and very careful.  My sandwich was filled with onions, lettuce, tomato slices, pickles, peppers, and the shop’s secret sauce, more lettuce, more tomato, and loads of bacon and avocado.  Yum! 

Wolfing Down My Delicious Club Mitch

 The sandwich was so tall that I almost couldn’t fit it in my mouth!  (I have a big mouth!)  It was way better than Subway, and I loved it!

Before we left, we paid our check up front, and I asked:  “Did the people who signed the wall work here?”  The waitress told me that it was just customers who had eaten there since the new owner took over.  She asked me if I wanted to sign and gave me an orange marker.  I wrote my name in the crowded blur of signatures.  If you go there, you should look for my name!  (It was very small and orange.)

The Blur of Customers' Signatures

The Blur of Customers' Signatures

The Sandwich Spot

3101 Ocean Park Blvd.

Santa Monica, California

(310) 396-7768

Twitter:  @smsandwichspot

My Mystery Seafood Journey

The Redondo Boardwalk

On Saturday (March 5), my dad and I biked to Quality Seafood Inc. in Redondo Beach, California.  We were going to purchase some fresh, live seafood for dinner.  What kind of seafood?  We didn’t know.  That was the mystery!  Whatever looked good, and was at a reasonable price, was what we were going to get!

As I biked there, I felt that cool breeze that I always feel when I am on my comfy cruiser.  It is a pretty yellow Daisy beach cruiser that I love to ride on weekend mornings with my dad.   Dad gave me directions over the sound of the wind so I didn’t get hit by passing cars.  He always does that when we are on the street instead of the strand, to make sure I’m safe.

Riding in Redondo

In one of my early posts, I described a seafood restaurant called Bluewater Grill.  We passed it on the way to the seafood market, and it brought back fun memories!

Live Santa Barbara Crabs!

When we finally got there, I didn’t know what to choose.  There were so many choices, and after looking around for a while, I still couldn’t choose.  Everything looked so good!  We saw crabs of every kind:  Santa Barbara crabs, ugly spider crabs, blue crabs, dungeness crabs, and snow crab legs.  Everything was alive and squirming in the tanks!  It was kind of creepy.

Oyster shucker behind the counter

In the cooked section, in the middle of the market, there were snow crab legs, ready-to-eat crawfish, dungeness crabs, and lobsters.  It all looked good, but there was something next to it that was even more interesting:  the clam and oyster raw bar!  We watched the shucker open the oysters and put them on a tray for a customer.  I wish that tray was for me!  I saw kinds of oysters that I recognized, like Kusshi and Pacific oysters.  I saw mostly other kinds that I did not recognize, but looked good.

Behind that was the live crawfish tank!  Now that was interesting!  There was a net over the top, and I could tell why.  I could see them squirming around like crazy.  We did not end up buying the live ones, but we did get the ready-to-eat crawfish.

Next up we walked inside to the fish counter, where we saw a variety of whole and filleted fish.  We saw tilapia, red snapper, huge albacore, sardines, anchovies, octopus, sea urchin, and tons more!  We actually saw one of the workers open up a sea urchin for a customer and dig out the goo inside!  It didn’t look very appetizing, but I like to try new things.  Of course, we didn’t end up getting one yesterday, but maybe sometime …

Little Sea Snails

We also saw a tub that said “Periwinkles”.  “What in the world were those?” I thought.  They looked like tiny grey snails, but I couldn’t see details because they were under a blue net.  I was so curious that I decided to ask a worker exactly what a periwinkle was, and he replied:  “A periwinkle is like a sea snail.  They are one of the best things we’ve got here.  Wanna see one?”  “Sure!” my dad and I chirped.  The worker described them as tasty, small snails.  They were small and they were sneaky!  The staff at Quality Seafood Inc. had to keep the lid shut on the periwinkles because I had seen some escape as far away as the crabs!  I accidentally leaned on three that had been clinging to the tank of crabs.  They fell off when I leaned on them.  Sorry!

My dad and I had planned to each get a raw oyster, but the line was super long!  Just after we grabbed our number ticket to wait in the long line, we decided the wait was too long.

Littleneck Clams

We finally ended up buying 2 1/4 pounds of live littleneck clams, a tray of ready-to-eat Cajun crawfish, and two male Santa Barbara crabs.  When we went back to the periwinkle monger, he was super surprised to hear us order a huge handful of periwinkles!  He said they were good, but he was still very surprised that a little girl wanted to try them.

Riding Home to Cook Our Delicious Dinner!

We packed up our blue bags of seafood and biked home to Mom and Tabs.  We had a scrumptious dinner with good, fresh steamed seafood.  The dinner was so good.  The crawfish (or crayfish) were small and did not have much juice when we sucked the heads, but the tails were full of juicy meat. 

The crab meat was enormously succulent, and I loved the delicious male Santa Barbara crabs.  One of them was a big fighter and kept clawing on things in the sink, like the big metal colander.  The other one was very calm, and I think the fighter tasted a lot better. 

The clams were big and juicy!  These littleneck clams were good with lemon, like my dad made them, but I agree with my mom.  We say they would probably have been better with a nice sauce. 

The periwinkles were long and escargot-like.  They coiled up inside of their rock-hard shells like tiny snakes.  They were probably a half-inch long, and less than a centimeter tall.  They didn’t taste like much by themselves, but dipped in garlic butter, I bet they would be great!  (They were very slimy!)

Dad threw in a surprise.  We had some shrimp in the freezer, so my dad cooked them and put them on a plate with fresh lemons, just like he served the clams.   Top it all off with a bowl of roasted cauliflower and broccoli with spicy Cajun seasoning heavily sprinkled on top, and it was the best meal I have had in a long time!

I had a splendid day, and I think my family had one too.  It was a memorable bicycle journey to get our dinner, and I can’t wait to do it again!

Quality Seafood, Inc.

130 South International Boardwalk

Redondo Beach, CA 90277

(310) 372-6408