A Satisfying Shake

My Dessert Creation

My Dessert Creation

Have you ever wondered how milkshake flavors were thought up?  Sometimes people might spend hours thinking of shake recipes and other times, we simply think of them while walking around town.  On Friday, April 15th, I was walking home from a restaurant when my dad and I started talking about what to have for dessert. 

First, we listed ingredients that we would like to include in our masterpiece:  fruit, ice cream, and cookies.  Suddenly, a lightbulb went on in my head! I had an idea, a delicious idea!  I could see from the look on his face that my dad, too, had a plan.  “I have an idea!” he proudly exclaimed.  He laid out his idea:  ice cream rolled in cookies, served on top of strawberries and covered in fudge.  We always roll our ice cream in cookie crumbs, so I thought we should try something else.  I thought about his idea.  “Your idea was better than my idea,” I admitted.  “What was your idea?” Dad wanted to know.  I told him my plan. “I thought we should do this:  blend bananas, strawberries, chocolate or Moose Tracks ice cream, and milk in the blender so that it is a milkshake.  Then, we would  sprinkle cookies crumbs over the top of each cup of the dessert.  Then, we do the best part, eat it!”  My dad said my idea sounded wonderful.  Surprisingly, he picked my idea over his and we rushed home and to the kitchen.

Following my simple instructions, my dad blended the ingredients and topped the shake with cookie crumbs.  Below are the exact directions in case you want to try the dessert at home:


several shortbread cookies

3 big scoops of Moose Tracks or other chocolate ice cream

1 ripe banana

7 strawberries

1 1/4 cup milk



measuring cup

  • Blend the milk, strawberries, banana, and ice cream until milkshake-texture.
  • Crush shortbread cookies and put aside for now.
  • Pour the milkshake equally into three cups.
  • Sprinkle the cookie crumbs over the top of each portion.
  • Stick a strawberry in the side of each cup.
  • Drink and enjoy!

Tips : 

  • Put four strawberries into your actual milkshake and keep three out for garnish  (this recipe serves 3).
  • Save some cookies for dipping, but remember that the more cookie crumbs, the better the milkshake.
Tabs Loves It!

Tabs Loves It!

We loved it!  It was truly a satisfying shake and I hope you venture to try it at your home.  It was crunchy and creamy at the same time.  It was unique and delightful.  My family was very thankful for the divine dessert and we hope that you also love it.

Have you ever created your own dessert?  Leave a comment, so I can try it, too!

The Best Burger I Ever Ate!

Wolfing It Down!

Wolfing It Down!

On Sunday, my family went to Disneyland and California Adventure.  After the last ride, we ate dinner at Slater’s 50/50, a burger restaurant in Anaheim.  You may have heard of it, because it has been on the news.  At first, I wasn’t very excited, especially when I heard that the wait time would be approximately one hour and ten minutes.  But my dad was determined to try the 50/50 burger, which is a patty that is 50 percent ground beef and 50 percent ground bacon.  So we decided to wait the hour.

I looked at a menu while we were waiting, and I began to feel less skeptical about our meal.  I saw great burgers, salads, and other sandwiches.  Luckily, the wait turned out to be only about 35 minutes, a very long 35 minutes, but it was totally worth it …

When we sat down at our table, a busboy immediately gave each of my family members a glass of cold water.  Our generous waitress, Daniella, asked what we wanted to drink.  After taking a good look at the menu, I knew exactly what I wanted.  I ordered a Maple Bacon Milkshake.  Maybe this place wasn’t going to be so bad after all!   Tabitha, my adorable sister, ordered a Root Beer Shake, and my mom ordered a Mint Chocolate Chip Shake.   My dad ordered an Endless Soda, and Daniella kept bringing my dad more Cherry Coke.  When we left, he still had about two glasses left!

Eating My Shake With A Fork

Eating My Shake With A Fork

My Maple Bacon Shake was syrupy and luscious.  I knew that I would love it because I always dip my bacon into maple syrup at breakfast, and I was definitely right!  I savored my delicious milkshake, and at the very bottom of the glass, hiding from me were huge chunks of bacon.  Yum!  I had to use a fork to scoop up the bacon.  The wonderful shake was truly fantastic, and I thought it was salty, which I liked. 

Designing My Burger

Designing My Burger

However, my burger (which I named “Megan’s Favorite”) lacked much saltiness, but the rest of it made up for that.  The burger was perfect for me, but maybe it would have been better with a little salt.  I created my own burger.  On it was a 50/50 patty, corn and black bean salsa, avocado mash, and raw yellow onions.  On the side, I had a delectable sweet chili sauce that added a lot of sweet to my smoky burger.   The portion was huge, so I couldn’t finish it, but I ate as much as I could, because it amazing!

The "Megan's Favorite"

The "Megan's Favorite"

My dad also ordered and received a “Design It” burger, which was a 50/50 patty, gruyere cheese, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts, and bleu cheese sauce on the side.  My father and I both got the soft brioche roll.  My dad loved his hamburger and claims it was a great pick!  Next time, he said he would get the Fire Beef patty instead of the 50/50 patty and add thick cut bacon and bleu cheese crumbles on top.  Next time, I would get the same thing, without the raw onions.

My mother got the Caprese Burger, and she liked it.  She is one of those people who likes her meat cooked medium well.  This time, she tried it medium, and her burger was bright pink!  She said she should have ordered it medium well, but I thought the juicy burger looked delicious. 

Tabitha's Mammoth Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Tabitha's Mammoth Grilled Cheese Sandwich

My sister ordered a monstrous grilled cheese sandwich.  Literally, it was humongous! 

A Divine Dip

A Divine Dip

We also ordered a Vampire Dip that my whole family enjoyed.  Their Vampire Dip is a garlic, artichoke, and cheese dip that came with fried pita bread and a soft bread roll.  The cheesy dip reminded me of the top layer of french onion soup, the cheesy part.  After we finished the dip, we ate the bread bowl that it came in.   My family was very happy with the Vampire Dip!

I obviously loved Slater’s 50/50, and so did my friend Gracie.  She wrote about it on her blog:  http://graciesgrub.blogspot.com/2011/01/slater-5050.html .   I hope that when you go there, if you go there, you will enjoy your culinary adventure as much as I did.   By the way, I am interested in hearing from you.  Where is YOUR favorite burger?

Slater’s 50/50

6362 E. Santa Ana Canyon Road

Anaheim Hills, California

(714) 685-1103