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Got Wings?

You Gotta Love 'Em

You Gotta Love 'Em

Now before I even tell you this story, you should know one thing:  I LOVE WINGS.

On Tuesday, December 27, my family went to The Vine.  A favorite in Iowa City, The Vine is famous for its excellent wings.  After staring down the delicious-looking menu, we ordered:

-Two dozen Asian garlic wings (my favorite);

-Two dozen hot wings;

-One dozen maple hot; and

-One dozen mild wings (for Tabs).

Wings That Are Worth It

Wings That Are Worth It

The Asian garlic wings were by far my favorite!  They were delicious, and I didn’t want the sweet flavor to leave my mouth.  The tangy wings were addicting, and before I knew it, I was ordering another dozen.  Believe it or not, that third dozen was just as good as the first two dozen.

One Extremely Bare Table

One Extremely Bare Table

But the Asian garlic wasn’t the only good flavor.   I couldn’t get enough of the maple hot!  The surprising sauce tasted just like maple syrup, with a little kick added.  It was unbelievable, and I was blown away by surprise.  It filled my mouth with a deep liking, and the wing sauce dribbled down my chin.  I declared it a dream, and I was quite sure it was (until Tabitha pinched me).

But not everything has to have garlic or sugary syrup to be good.  The hot wings burnt my mouth like fire.  It tingled, like heat on ice.  Which was stronger?  Well, my lemonade wasn’t helping much with the spice.  “Huh, huh, huh,” I panted.  I needed as much cold, fresh, Iowa air as possible.  These wings were “spice-ing” me out!  But did I stop eating them?  Nope.  The vibrant flavor was too good.

Tabs Eating Mild Wings

Tabs Eating Mild Wings

To me, mild wings will always remain a mystery.  Who wants mild, when you can have Asian garlic?  The spice, the flavor, I just don’t see how the mild could be anywhere near in comparison, but you know, I’m not Tabitha.

After a first round, we ordered a few more dozen.  Boy, wings are good!


The Vine Tavern & Eatery

330 E. Prentiss Street

Iowa City, IA

Telephone:  (319) 354-8767


Twitter:   @thevinetavern