A Fantastic Week!

Go Southbayfood.com!

Go Southbayfood.com!

This week has been crazy, but rewarding!  Today is Easter, and this week was my Spring Break, not to mention three articles were published about our own southbayfood.com!  Talented reporter Stephanie Cary (@stephiecary) interviewed me about my blog and wrote an astounding article about my culinary love and my likes and dislikes in the kitchen.  Congratulations to Stephanie on her article being printed in both The Daily Breeze and The Beach Reporter (as well as online with several newspapers partnered with The Daily Breeze)!

Thanks to The Daily Breeze for the great picture!

Thanks to The Daily Breeze for the great picture!

Also, Grub Street LA’s blog posted a piece about young chefs elevating, and southbayfood.com was a big part of it.  They were very supportive of kids’ talents, but just so you know, I’m no professional chef.  I’m just a girl who is still learning and following her interests.  Thank you, Grub Street Los Angeles!

I haven’t done much for Spring Break, but here is the news flash on Easter 2013 …



Happy Easter!


Our Creative Creation

Our Creative Creation

“Perfect!” my dad smiled proudly, as I placed the last decoration upon our watermelon Easter egg basket.  We had just hauled every last bit of watermelon from the rind.  We filled the watermelon three-fourths the way full with fake grass, and then I carefully placed our polychromatic Easter eggs in the basket.

What you need:

  • One watermelon (pick a size that will fit your contents), or other melon
  • A melon baller or a scoop
  • Paper towels or fake grass to cushion the eggs (or whatever your basket will contain)
  • Easter eggs, refreshments or whatever else you will stash in your basket
The delightful by-product of our creation was a boatload of melon balls.  We might do something artistic with them before devouring the sweetness, but most likely, they will just end up in our mouths in about 2.5 seconds!
Merry Easter! ;)

Merry Easter! 😉


Happy Easter and Spring, and have a great day!

4 thoughts on “A Fantastic Week!

  1. Cool eggs! Are they real?
    Melon Balls are my favorite way of eating my watermelon, honeydew, and cantoloupe. Such exotic names!

  2. Good job, Megan! I’m really proud of you. You have made so many great achievements in the time I’ve been close to you! (Maybe I’m your good luck charm. You know it!)

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