An Outstanding Opening — for Free!

I’ll bet that no one had as great of a culinary kickoff to the week as I did.  I am happy to report that I was invited, as a food blogger, to the soft opening of Rita’s Ice.  I gladly accepted the invitation, and here I am at Rita’s Ice in Redondo Beach!

Wait a minute!  I want to make sure that you know the details of this thriving company.  Rita’s Ice is a superb dessert chain that is mainly on the East Coast, with over 500 locations, but in Arizona, Rita’s Ice is blowing away customers in only five locations.  In California, there are only two:  in Santa Clarita and here in our own Redondo Beach.


I do not have enough time to do a full write-up on this fantastic event tonight, but I’m taking many notes, and I promise I will soon.  But, for now, I am just posting a short notice to let my Southern California readers know that on Monday (April 8) and Tuesday (April 9), Rita’s Ice in Redondo Beach will be celebrating their opening by …


Get There Before This Beauty Melts!

… Giving away free Italian Ice!  So, go enjoy it!  You know you want to.  I am writing a Healthy Eating Habits post soon, but hey, we can all indulge once in a while, and going to Rita’s and having real fruit Italian ice might be one of the healthiest desserts possible.  So enjoy Rita’s Ice if you can and comment so those of us who can’t go can hear all about Rita’s Ice, Redondo-style!


Rita’s Ice

403 N. Pacific Coast Highway, #101

Redondo Beach, California 90277


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