Marvelous Maine!

DSC04247Where are you going this summer?  This year, we traveled to a place we have never been before:  Maine!  Lobster heaven and blueberry-mania, this place was made for me!  But was it made for you?  Read the upcoming diary entries to form your own opinion of Camden, Maine.  (Plus, if you haven’t already, please read my diary entries on St. John from last summer.)

So, watch out, Maine! is coming to town.  Check into Megan’s World of Food ASAP for an update of our trip to Camden, Maine.  Please follow my blog for stories of our exciting adventure!

And, if you are traveling this summer to camp, a vacation spot, or even a cruise, I suggest that you write a diary of your adventures.  Both food-related and not, please send them in, and I might post them here as guest posts!

DSC04187Enjoy as my family records yet another culinary journey!  Stay tuned to read about Day One, two long plane rides and our first dinner in New England …


3 thoughts on “Marvelous Maine!

  1. Hey Meg, I just got back from camp last night! Btw, what is your favorite part of a lobster? I personally like the claws.

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