Day 1…

A Tedious Time

A Tedious Time: A Plane Ride


An exciting adventure? Not so much… yet. I awoke early this morning to my mom gently shaking me awake. Good thing I’m a morning person! I leapt out of bed and quickly got ready, and then my dad treated me and my sister with a sweet wake-up call: DONUTS!! Our destination, Best Donuts, is a locally-owned fresh donut shop in Hermosa Beach. I ordered a chocolate knot, Tabitha got a sugar twist, my dad received a crumble cake donut, and we brought a fresh, warm glazed donut back for my mom. Mmmm! Though Krispy Kreme reigns supreme, we are fans of Best Donuts.

At 7:30 AM, our taxi cab arrived, we hauled our luggage into the car, and we rode to the LAX Airport. Wow, is LAX busy at 8:00 in the morning! We rushed through the several stations, and here we are on the plane. Our flight is inconveniently pilot-less, and we have been waiting in this plane for about a half an hour. I am incredibly hungry (like always), which makes the wait even more tedious! I cannot wait to be in lobster heaven, blueberry-mania, or just Maine, if you choose to put it that way…

But Maine is looking like the Bahamas compared to our slow, cramped United flight! I’ll report back to you in happier times.


Best Donuts

2514 Pacific Coast Highway

Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Tel:  (310) 479-4335



After our flight to Newark, New Jersey, we missed our connecting flight to Boston due to poor service from United and that pilot delay. Luckily, we caught the next flight to Boston, but I am still starving! From Boston, we will drive to Maine in the morning. I feel like I was at Disneyland today– TIRED and BEAT!

* * * * *

We checked into our hotel room at The Hilton, and we found ourselves right at home! Everyone was friendly and it was easy to find our way around. We dropped our luggage off at our room and headed downstairs to The Hilton’s restaurant: Connolly’s Publik House.

* * * * *

Connolly’s Publik House was nothing special, sad to say. Tabitha and I ordered their homemade New England Clam Chowder. Creamy and basic, FishBar’s chowder was much better (and probably a LOT cheaper!). Unfortunately, Tabs and I both expected better from Boston.

My family has created a challenge for our vacation: “The New England Lobster Roll Challenge”.  All over our destinations, we will find authentic lobster rolls and critique them. Our rating system will be in shells, just as our trip to St. John. Whichever lobster roll earns the most stars, or pleased us the most, will win our contest.

At Connolly’s, we ordered our first contestant: “a lobster roll with a sweet bun and Bibb lettuce” (according to Connolly’s Publik House menu). V-shaped and charred, this lobster roll was definitely traditional and authentic. I loved that it was chock full of lobster, but I was disappointed that it was mayonnaise-based, instead of butter-based. Mayo did make their roll creamy, but I sometimes have a weak spot for butter 🙂 .

I took a bite, and, I have to admit, it was not mind-blowing. Not even excellent. Not even great. But it was good, and I appreciated the full bun of lobster, so I rated it

Three of Five Shells

Three of Five Shells





For dessert, one thing popped out on the menu: Deep Dish Apple Pie with Cinnamon Ice Cream. Mom agreed, but when it arrived at the table, we were dismayed. For one thing, it was not deep-dish at all. Second, it was cold, like it was cheap, frozen pie. Lastly, while Tabitha got HUGE scoops of sorbet, we got a tiny sliver of pie for both of us to share. We were, however, happy with our cinnamon ice cream. It had a solid, fresh flavor, and it was a decent-sized scoop. Overall, though, Mom and I were not impressed by Connolly’s apple pie dessert.

Would we suggest Connolly’s Publik House? Probably not. But it did not displease us, and it was easy just to walk downstairs for dinner after such a LONG day.


Connolly’s Publik House

1 Hotel Drive

Boston, MA 02128

Tel:  (617) 568-6700





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  1. Sounds like a very tiring day, just like a flight to New England is, but shouldn’t be… I have to agree with you, Krispy Kreme reigns SUPREME!!!! Can’t wait to hear about more Maine madness

  2. well… i went to london saw big ben ummm and went on a ferris wheel thingie called the london eye and also went to the palace then i went to winsor saw winsor castle stayed in legoland resort then took a two way flight back the second flight i could have promised u we were going in loops i was sooo nausious but im back

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