At Alabama’s “Archibald’s”

As another day of our road trip in the South went by, I enjoyed a yummy lunch on our way into town. After leaving Nashville to go to Birmingham, we decided to stop at a place that had been suggested to us already. Archibald’s BBQ in Tuscaloosa, Alabama is well-known for its ribs and pulled pork, and stopping there on our way to Birmingham was no mistake.

Tree wood and Trophies

Tree wood and Trophies

The first thing I noticed walking into this barbecue joint was the wood, everywhere. Everything was made of wood (except maybe the TVs) and it was really cute and lodge-like. The FIFA World Cup was playing on one television, which I certainly enjoyed, and “Dumb and Dumber” played on the other. The Crimson Tide was obviously supported at Archibald’s, as it was practically a hall of fame with its many pictures and posters. I loved that this place of BBQ resembled an almost-quaint cottage, but the food was off the hook too.



Archibald’s ribs were tender and pretty fatty, with meat impressively cooked for a tendency to fall off of the bone. Although the meat was close to flawless, I wasn’t a huge fan of the sauce. I completely soaked my ribs in it and still couldn’t taste a thing. For me, sauce usually gives the meat a flavor and a sort of brings the body of the rib to it, not to mention how sauces can determine the type of BBQ one’s eating. This sauce had a good flavor when I got around to trying it, but maybe too subtle. In all, though, the ribs showed talent and I was glad that we tried them.

I’m not a huge pulled pork fan usually, so I may not be the best to judge, but I actually really enjoyed Archibald’s juicy, flavorful pork. I would definitely look forward to a side of that again, and I would suggest it.

But, these two famous meats were not the only ones we tried. I would also suggest the whiting (which is a breaded white fish) and the hot wings with an incredibly addictive sweet sauce. Sides like corn-on-the-cob, mashed potatoes, and beans all are included in meals and support the entrees well. Wow! Archibald’s proved to be a hit for me and my family, from the soccer playing to the tasty wings to the yummy, filling whiting. Comfort food for sure, but next time you’re in Alabama, stop by Archibald’s BBQ!

Been to Archibald’s already? Wow, you’re ahead of the game! Comment below to tell me about your experience… I would love to hear about it!

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From the Front

From the Front

Archibald and Woodrow’s BBQ

4215 Greensboro Ave.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35405

Tel: (205) 331-4858


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