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  1. Megan, I love your blog and can’t wait to read more…I was always an adventurous eater, even when I was your age. Too bad no one knew what blogging was way back then! Anyway, I have never been to rajun cajun but am now very interested in trying it. I look forward to reading many more reviews. Keep up the great work and enjoy eating ( I know you will!)
    Mieke ( Your mom’s friend)

  2. You know I love your writing; this blog is fantastic. It made my mouth water when you described your oyster/gumbo/lemonade meal. Now I’m wondering where you will go nextโ€”tell your parents you need to go out and do research! Keep up the amazing job.

    • Thanks, Michelle. Part of where I get the good writing is from your writing camp! I hope you keep reading to see what you have taught me! I just went to the farmer’s market and hope that I can write about it soon!

  3. Hi, Megs!
    Your writing is wonderfully descriptive and has made me want to eat at both restaurants. I don’t know if I have the courage to go for the oysters (although if they’re fried I’ll think about it…) but you made even those sound delectable. Can’t wait to read about your future food endeavors!
    Ms. Nakano

    • Ms. Nakano-
      Thank you for the comments. A lot of my writing skills have come from you and writers workshop in class. I do have some things that I hope I can write about and post, so please read on!

  4. Megan — your blog is wonderful! Thanks for sharing all your culinary adventures! I can’t wait to see if your interest in Cajun food is a passing fancy or a passion…so post again soon!

  5. Megan….I am so glad I got a hold of your mother and that she shared your blog with me! I have thought of you often, and it is really nice that I can “travel” to your blog anytime I wish. And what a blog! Yummy! Makes me hungry just looking at it ๐Ÿ™‚
    Besides…so nice to see your happy smile again …I have missed you!

    Enjoy all the future scrumptious meals awaiting out there… I hope you will continue to share them with us in here ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love from your “old” preschool teacher Miss Gitte

    Ps: I also love โ€œRatatouilleโ€ :O)

  6. Wow Megan! I just love your blog. You are a wonderful writer and great chef. I want to be just like you when I grow up! Oops! I am already grown up, but I am still inspired by you. I think I will try your latest shrimp recipe with my daughters Chloe & Chiara (9 & 7-years old respectively) & let my 2-year old Camille be our taster). Great job!! Thanks for sharing your passion & talents with us. Love, Summer Jauneaud, writing from France (p.s. Say hi to your mom for me!)

    • Hi Summer!
      Tell me when you make the shrimp etouffee. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for voting for my ice cream sundaes on Facebook. I really appreciate it.
      Love, Megan
      P.S. My mom says Hi!

  7. Megan,
    I just read your blog on “A Dream Come True”, what a great experience. You are an amazing writer. My mouth was watering just reading about all the delicious foods.
    Can’t wait to read more during the summer!!

    • Mrs. Higa-
      I was very excited about Mary Sue and Susan too! Actually, we just went to Border Grill last night. Guess what: I was in the bathroom when Mary Sue came by. My whole family got to meet her again! Luckily, I got to see Susan later, or I would have been upset. (I also got to see the kitchen!) We’ll meet you at El Gringo this summer!


  8. love ur costume. didn’t u wear it 4 halloween. it makes u look like a real cook. (u cook really good)
    kacey ๐Ÿ™‚


    (Oh by the way my father worked for the great food truck race and Ragin’ Cajun was featured on it!!!)

  10. you put the most adjectives on food usually i only eat it and think nothing of how to describe it you are a great writer and a great cook keep the reviews and the food coming

  11. Your writing is amazing and everything looks awesome! The way you critique things is so cool. Keep on writing this blog!!!!!

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