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  1. Megan,
    I had no idea you were writing a food blog! I just read through some of it and it is amazing! I am definitely going to try some of your recipes and go to some of these great restaurants you have discovered. I hope you keep this up. I can tell you are on your way to becoming a great chef and foodie. I am a foodie too. I think it is a good thing to be because you need to eat and cook every day of your life so you might as well love it.
    The other (older) Megan
    ps Say hi to your mom, dad and sister for me. Tell you sister “Megan McConnell says hi.”

  2. I just finished caching up on your blog. I haven’t checked it in a couple of weeks. Sorry but I’ve been busy. I vote for the dessert with the two chocolate chip cookies and the toffee. The crepe looks good too but I really, really love toffee. When we come to visit I’m hoping the farmers market will still have some of that toffee. I also liked your review of the olive oil shop. I want to try some of that balsamic vinegar. I’m not so sure about the garlic olive oil but I’ll taste it. I can’t wait to see you and Tabitha and Dylan.
    I love you.

  3. Megan: I love your site! I haven’t had time to check out the recipes, as I just discovered it today. I heard about it from my daughter Summer, who lives in France. So now you can truly say that your blog is international. You probably don’t remember me, as I last saw you in April, 2004 (there’s a picture of you on my Facebook page!). But you can be sure I will be following your food adventures from now on! Say hi to your family for me!! Best, Karen Seigel

  4. Hi Megan,
    Just read your blog of the Sandwich Spot! I enjoyed hearing about your experience there and look forward to reading more of your reviews!
    See you soon,

  5. I love you blog and sometimes I want to drive down to Slater 50/50 just for the maole bacon shake. My favorite burger is the San Francisco Saloon. It’s right on Pico near Barrington. It’s a dive but just right for me! There is another build your own on Santa Monica Blvd but I forgot the name. Really good. I love reading your blog. Please send me a link each time you blog.

  6. I had a pretty good burger at the ESPN resteraunt at Disney but the best burgers ever are the ones I grill. I like to start with a large onion seseme soft roll. The burgers are usually a liile more than a 1/3 lb of corn fed beef, I prefer the 85% lean because the extra fat keeps the burger juicy. I cook them on a medium heat and like them done but not burnt. Just a faint touch of pink in the middle. I usually add a little grilling spices that are meant for steaks and sometimes I add a little honey smoked barbeque sauce, When the burger is ready I let it rest for a couple of minutes while I prepare the bun. My favorite is a very thin slice of raw onion, a very thin slice of tomato, some fresh cucumber, three thick slices of bacon, and lots of blue cheese. Add a cherry coke and the meal is great. Enjoy with a couple of granddaughters and the meal is perfect.

    I enjoy reading your blog. Skype me some day soon so I can see how much weight you have been gaining from all of the fabulous meals.

    I love you,

  7. Meg
    sounds like the steakhouse had fabulous food, u really are a one of a kind kid.
    -what other 3rd grader is writing a food blog? the only one i know is you.
    You write so well and your savory descriptions made me think i was at the steakhouse with you.
    luv u.

  8. Hi Megan,

    Wow….is all I can say!!! Your mom sent me your blog to read and was I ever impressed. You are such a fabulous writer. I love your descriptive and insightful prose but most delightful is your passion for food and appreciation for how creative preparing dishes can be! I will continue to enjoy your blog Megan. Looking forward to your next entry!


    Liz (Eli’s mom in Room 9)

  9. Megan,
    You are a born food writer. I am so proud of you and your dedication and passion about food. Your blog is an incredible accomplishment.

    • Thank you, Carrie!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how much your comments mean to me… If I am a born food writer, you are a born “amazing supporter”!
      Anyway, I can’t imagine moving to 4th grade. I’m going to miss a lot.

      Thx 4 evrything,

  10. Megan,
    I’ve so enjoyed reading about your wonderful vacation. I was a little worried at the start when I heard about storms in the area. But it’s obviously been sunny and beautiful. Truly 5+ seashells. As for your engaging writing and passion for cuisine, I’ve lost count of the seashells……..

  11. Hello I am Ashley I have seen your apricot recipe on television, and to bad I forgot how to make the mouth watering apricot tartes, well if you can could you please send me the recipe for the apricot tartes to my Email?

    Thank you,

    Ashley Curren

  12. Your website is super cool!!! I loved your blog about the blueberry picking!!! If you could send me the recipe for the apricot tarts that would be awesome!!! Oh, and I saw you on TV, which is really cool!


    • Hi Steph!

      I’m not sure how gross this might sound to you, but when I go to the counter I always get the same thing; black beans, corn salsa, bacon, and avocado on a medium rare burger. If it sounds good, you could probably make it at home!

      I’ve also heard of cream cheese and dried cranberries on a burger… Wonder how that tastes…

      Thx for everything!

  13. Happy Birthday, Megs! have a wonderful, special, 11th birthday! I hope you feel better for your birthday-and mine.
    Feel Better!

  14. Hi Megan,

    Great article in the Beach Reporter last week! That’s so amazing that they wrote such a great story about you and your chef aspirations and accomplishments! I hope all is well with you and your family, please tell your sister and mom I said hello. I also want to let you know that I am not the owner of Paciugo Gelato anymore. My mother and I sold it a few months ago to a great buyer who still has the same employees and yummy gelato! See you around town and keep cooking up a storm, can’t wait to see you on the Food Network one day!

  15. ever sense I saw you on tti, you were great! I have been begging me mom to make apricot tarts, and we are right now! anyways your an awesome girl, and I hope you will be on thee food channel with the name “Megan’s Kitchen”

  16. Your blog is amazing. I can not believe all the foods you try. Someday you are going to have your own show. I miss you a lot!! SEE YOU SOON

    From your awesome friend,

  17. Hi Megan,
    I’m an old friend of your mom’s from NDA. I love your column in the Beach Reporter! As an idea, would you consider creating a full list of your Beach Bites on your blog? I always think your recommendations sound so good while I’m reading but then I can’t remember them when I’m looking for a place for lunch (like today!)! Just an idea. Keep up the awesome work!

    • Hi Debbie,
      I think that’s a good idea, and I will definitely consider it for my blog. Thanks for reading, and I’m glad you enjoy my column in TBR’s dining guide.

      Thanks again,

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